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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Great graphics on the enemies but having to discover double-click to set a defence when could just have a list of defences right on screen. Too many long-winded hints to have to read when could be onscreen just when needed. Should have been more obvious from the start what's going on, feed it to the player so they can just enjoy the game play.

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keithjohnston responds:


Thank you for your feedback. The game does not feature a persistent list of possible defenses due to the limitations of the small screens on mobile devices. Tapping an area to bring up the menu was the most efficient simple hybrid solution at the time.

The detailed hints were adopted after community feedback. The game was much less intuitive for some users, thus the hints were implemented. I agree that a better, less drawn out more user friendly solution could have been created. Additionally, the file size limit was an issue with a high resolution game. In this case, the file size was kept exactly where it is in the interest of other websites.

- Keith